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 Music and the Brain

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 Jeffrey Thompson "Isle of skye"
ISLE of SKYE was Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, BFA's first ground breaking album for using sound patterns in music to alter states of consciousness. It was created in 1986. At the time, this was the first soundtrack to ever combine music and brainwave entrainment sound patterns.
  Jeffrey Thompson "Egg of time"
Two years in the making, this CD was Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, BFA's second CD. Parts of the music for this CD were composed for the Louise Hay Conference, "Healing in the 90's," with Depak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Doloris Kreiger, and others.
 Jeffrey Thompson "Child of a dream"
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, BFA created this CD for the Louise Hay Conference, "Visions of the Future in Healing" in 1991, with Depak Chopra, Bernie Seigel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bru Joy, Susan Jeffers and others.
 Jeffrey Thompson "Windows"
This CD contains selected excerpts from a series of live concerts by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, BFA and fellow researcher, Victor Zirak at the Madre Grande Mountain Retreat and Monastery in Southern California on the Easter and Winter Solstices, 1989.
 Jeffrey Thompson "Celestial Dolphin"
In the Audio Program "Celestial Dolphin," Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, BFA, give you an opportunity to a voyage from the depths of the sea to the outer reaches of our Solar System. It is an amazing experience of dolphins talking and singing in harmony with the sounds of the planets and moons of our Solar System. Experience the astounding similarities.

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