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Jeffrey Thompson "Celestial Dolphin"
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 Jeffrey Thompson "Windows"

This CD contains selected excerpts from a series of live concerts by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, BFA and fellow researcher, Victor Zirak at the Madre Grande Mountain Retreat and Monastery in Southern California on the Easter and Winter Solstices, 1989. The concept for this live concert series stemmed from the idea of building brainwave entrainment sound frequency patterns into the music coupled with "primordial" nature sounds to resonate the audience's brainwaves and consciousness in "synchronicity" for a group "mind link" experience.

All the sounds have been processed in full 3-D imaging. So close your eyes and enjoy your journey through the WINDOWS of new awareness. For maximum benefit use quality headphones, tje CNR Audio/Visual Modulator with light glasses and the Neuroacoustic Sound Chair or Sound Table. With whichever level you enjoy this recording, you will enjoy!

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