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The highly effective reading enhancement techniques in RocketReader were developed in the 1990's by Dr. Simon Ronald, an artificial intelligence researcher who has authored numerous papers and articles on genetic algorithms and machine learning processes. RocketReader uses advanced artificial intelligence methods to put you in the learning zone; this makes you successful in the difficult task of breaking lifelong poor reading habits and mastering fast accurate reading techniques.

This is the age of information and we must read extensively to keep up with the latest advances. Those who can read quickly and accurately save time, learn more, and quickly excel in their career or studies.

The better you can read the more you want to read. RocketReader for Windows improves your reading speed and comprehension with an effective combination of exercises, flash training, speed training, memory tests, practice readings and timed speed tests.

RocketReader also has a comprehensive memory training system where you can train yourself on any of the many facts and figures you need to excel at work or in your studies.

Download (exe, 9,68 Mb)


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