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Jeffrey Thompson "Child of a dream"
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"PsyGames" it is the project of the developing lessons including:

Tables Shulte: for expansion of a field of vision, in variants 5*5, 6*6, 7*7, 8*8 9*9, It is red-black variant of tables Shulte on switching of attention.

Mnemo of words: convenient improvised means both for engaged in mnemonic, and for others wishing to develop the visual memory, a convenient conclusion (10, 20, 30) and check of words + the dictionary on 1000 words.

Targets: exercise on expansion of a field sight, on improvement of reaction and colour perception. Exists in three modes, has mysterious effect.

Mnemo of numbers: exercise for training storing of numbers + " numbers map " with an opportunity of editing.

Counter: exercise for development of mathematical skills. In all exercises you can make the adjustments, enjoy.

The proof test: exercise on development of attention two modes - "letters" and "digits".

Download (exe, 517 Kb)


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